Vol. 46 Youth Weekly – Don’t Put on Sonscreen

[Caution: In light of the Summer festivities here at our doorstep, cheesy content will follow. Reader discretion is advised.]

Throughout the Summer months, if you are like me, there will be a lot of time spent outdoors. While the heat may grow to a miserable level, this will not stop from receiving many hours of well awaited hiking, picnics (of sorts), sports, and many other things that will cause my body to receive large amounts of vitamin D from the glorious ball of gas in the sky which brings forth the heat that was talked about, which we know as our sun. Now in this process, we all know to wear sunscreen at all times (or should even though I don’t always follow, sorry Mom). This will help us to not get burnt, which is not fun, trust me last years sunburn for me was one of the worst recorded. On top simply just that, it could prevent eventual skin cancer, which is something I don’t wish to have. All in all, sunscreen is our friend over the Summer, and we should use much of it!

Throughout the Summer though, we could potentially put a lot of focus on all the fun things going on, and completely put Jesus out of the picture. So here is my plea to you, (If you thought it was cheesy before, just wait for it) don’t put on Sonscreen this Summer! We want the light from Jesus shining on us throughout our whole lives, so please don’t throw Him to the wayside while you are on break. I would encourage you, read Psalm 119:1-8 and make that text your motto, not just throughout the Summer, but throughout your life! The one who is blameless, the one who walks in the law of the Lord, the one who seeks after Him, the one who is not ashamed, that is the one who is going to be blessed! Keep walking in Christ throughout the Summer, though many of your friends may not. I would encourage you to participate in as many of the great Youth events that are planned at your church as you can! If you don’t think your Youth Group has a lot going on, you might want to ask your Youth Minister. I’m pretty sure you’ve got a lot more going than you think! Let’s make the Summer a time that we grow closer to each other, and grow closer to Jesus.

  • Adam M. Warnes

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