Vol. 49 Youth Weekly – Lights of the WWW

Chances are you’ve seen these articles on a social media platform of some kind. You probably aren’t reading this right now because you have subscribed to my articles, but more than likely because I posted it on my Facebook, and my Instagram. I’m not exactly excited about the new craze of TikTok, but who knows, maybe I’ll get there! (My guess is no, but at only 21 years old I don’t want to look like I’m old yet.) But Social Media has really become one of the things that some people might say “it makes the world go round”. It not only keeps us entertained, it keeps us informed. It not only keeps us informed, it allows many people to have a job and to grow their business. Social Media, and really the WWW (World Wide Web) in general are assets that anyone can use to virtually have free access to the entire world at the comfort of their own recliner.

As much as so many don’t like to admit it, Social Media and the WWW absorbs so much of life as we know it, and as Christians we need to take advantage of that. Now a disclaimer before I begin, Social Media simply does not and CANNOT take the place of social interaction, and who we should be face to face with other individuals.

“You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden;” (Matthew 5:14)

We can reach the world like never before thanks to Social Media, and so what should the world be seeing through this platform? Remember, this is our life now. Since we are hiding behind a screen, Social Media is actually going to test your limits to see who you really are. So many people will let the angry, filthy, selfish, and immature side of them come out on Social Media, because they don’t have to come face to face with people while they are showing this sinful side. This cannot be us as Christians on these platforms.

We need to actually use Social Media to show who a Christian is. Be that light of the world, and let your Christianity shine through your accounts! Post scriptures, or post articles. Write little encouraging notes on your status, or find a picture that has a good biblical quote and post it on Insta. I’m not saying go and brag about the service you have done, but you can also talk about service projects you and your church have been doing to encourage others to get out there. Be tasteful in what you post, though you may be posting truth, if it is done in a hurtful way that can damage people’s views of the Church. Look, posting random things about your life is fine, but lets also use this platform as an access to people’s hearts. Let’s be careful what we post so as to not be darkness, but let us be lights of literally the entire world through these platforms that God has given us.

  • Adam M. Warnes

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