Vol. 51 Youth Weekly – Body and Soul

We live in a society and a world that is a “Have it your way” kind of world. In many ways its nice, and it makes life more enjoyable! You don’t always have to accept whatever kind of food you have, usually there are going to be at minimum of 3 restaurants around you, and thousands of options at the grocery store. You usually don’t have to settle for one style of clothing, because you have your choice. If you don’t like what one store has to offer, go to another. We can be individual people, and have individual interests.

Being individual doesn’t necessarily come from our soul, it comes from the flesh. We like different foods, not as much from choice, but by what our body tells us is good or bad. Yes, clothing is a bit more by choice, but it is still a fleshly act of what our body wants, and doesn’t want to put on it. Our individual desires come from our fleshly desires.

Romans 6:12 says “Therefore do not let sin reign in your mortal body so that you obey its lusts”. This shows that our sinful desires don’t necessarily come from our soul, but rather from the desires of our body on earth. You see, sin comes when we allow the vessel that God has given us to take over, and we see ourselves as the flesh and not as the soul that is living inside the flesh.

Flesh is an amazing thing that God has given us, but we need to remember that we are not our flesh. Just as you are not the car that you drive, its just something that you use. If you just closed your eyes and allowed the car that you are driving to do whatever it wants, what would happen? Destruction would come. So also, if we just obey our body, and allow our bodily desires to do whatever it wants, then nothing but destruction will follow. Yes, temptation will arise, but live in a way that is saying “I am the soul taking care of a crazy body that wants to do crazy stuff. But guess what? I’m in control.”

  • Adam M. Warnes

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